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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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for their lives as gunfires erupts at l.a.x. of a three letter that the suspect wrote on a suicidal note. >> ended of a security screener shot dead. >> right where i heard the shoti looked over my shoulder and everybody running towards me saying "run". >> everybody started panicking. >> on the floor! >> terror in terminal 3 l.a.x. and fought by the man seen here, 23-year-old paul ciancia. >> i saw the gun and i was terrified like everybody else was and on the ground.
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>> flooded out pile 3 and storming out of emergency exits onto the tarmac of the planes. >> there was a guy downstairs started shooting and one guy fell down and he was going up in the security check. >> active shooter all too common -- leaving security check points tossed and baroned. >> ciancia shot his way to terminal 3 ending of a shoot out near the food court. >> the officers did not hesitate. they went after this individual and they confronted the individual. >> take a closer look near the officer's feet, that's ciancia's weapon outside of the six busiest airports of the
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world. >> now, the shooting turned l.a.x. to a ground -- for several hours today, no flights could come in or get out, of course, impact felt across the world and here in the bay area nationwide of 46 flights were cancelled of 100 or so flights going from san francisco to l.a.x. every single day were cancelled and passengers scrambling for plan b. >> we are just going to drive down, we are going to la for a wedding and we are going to drive down to la as fast as we can and hoping we won't get any speeding tickets. >> many flights in san francisco were delayed because of the ground stop in much of san francisco much of the day today, l.a.x. reopens tonight with the
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exception of one terminal the effect will be across the country and across the world because of all of this flights that got cancelled. live in san francisco international airport, kpix 5. >> he's the first tsa agent ever killed in the line of duty. the gunman paul ciancia lives in la but he's from new jersey, investigators found a note in his bag containing rants against the tsa. >> those letters nwo and they stand for "new world order". well, it turns out they are intensely focused and obsessed with the tsa. >> getting screened by airport security is yunsly disliked
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universally disliked. new world order. >> quite a few of them are really control freaks folks who would be getting $10 an hour at seven-eleven. >> accusing tsa agents groping people and including family members of those involve inside the asiana crash at sfo in the past summer. >> steve wag steps on the program vow to prosecute tsa agents if they go too far. >> whether doing with what we call a lewd or sexual intent, we'll prosecute them the same as any other citizens. >> check out this video from the
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youtube channel called "stop the new world order", it is part of the campaign to tsa agents and recording them. >> sir, i am on public property. >> we don't know if the gunman watches this or info. world but given that he signed nwo on his note today, has a reason for targeting the tsa. >> thank you. >> well, tsa officers may not carry guns but passengers do, in the first six months of this year, 94 guns nationwide, a 30% increased from last year. >> well, trick or treating turned out to be a nightmare after a woman ate a candy bar
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with a drug. kids, do we know what's in the snicker? do we know it was a drug. >> reporter: we are live here on boston street where the police are trying to pinpoint where this candy came from but this woman went trick or treating with her child for 3 hour and they hit more than 7 streets and dozens of home and figuring out which home this came from would not be easy. the woman says she ate 3 pieces of chocolates and including a snicker bar. you can see the smal hole inside hole inside the wrapper. and her vision got blurry and she felt disoriented and started slurring her speech, they're waiting for her blood test to come back.
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we changed the woman's voice to protect her identity. >> i was afraid for myself but i was afraid more for my child, what can happen, if something happens to me here who's going to know that we are out here, i am raising my daughter on my own and it is kind of, you know, afraid of what's going to happen to her. >> reporter: and police are asking all the parents in the area to check their children's candy before they eat them. live in selena kpix 5. well, take a look at the inside tunnel this morning, hundreds of people forced to abandon their cars and navigate their way through the thick smoke after a car exploded with flames. the smoke was so bad that you can barely see in front of you. a flood of people poured out of the tunnel and covering their faces and carrying their
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children and trying to stay far away as far as possible. a car caught on the crash and it was a scary situation for drivers to be stuck inside. >> the car exploded and i walked all the way out, it was smoky in there and it was terrible. >> there was little families with little girls and stuff and we helped bring them out and they had a baby. >> eight people were taken to the hospital and all three lanes were reopened later on, too. that is said to be open in two weeks. a freak accident in san francisco left adam p truck dangling over guardrail, this was the scene this morning on highway 101. crews closed the two right lanes for hours while they clear the wreck. tonight we have the video of
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the california prison system never wanted you to see, it is a little hard to watch, prison guards pepper sprayed an inmate last year. they say if something like this happens there would be outrage around the world. >> the fact that it is happening in the state of california on this government's watch is truly disheartening and so far beyond the pail that thank god we have the federal court to at least provide some hope. >> the use of force is always the last resort and in the process of revising rule of limit the amount of pepper spray use at any one time, by the way, we are not showing you the worst and most graphic part of the video.
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a 16-year-old's home, police found a loaded handgun and stolen shotgun and assault rifle and ammunition. the teenager who's on probation were taken away to juvenile. this happened tuesday on gene drive, the suspect slipped into the window and opened the door for the female accomplice, they're both careful of not leaving any prints on the doorknob. >> some of the things we see on local television show were kind of making our suspects a little smarter in terms of the crime and how to committed. >> police say they got away with electronics and laptop and the homeowner posted the video on youtube in hoping to catch the thieves. we have breaking news on
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bart right now, let's get right to christian right now. >> reporter: you can seek them going around behind me, they came out to announce that members have voted to approved contract that bart management presented to them, that means it can be the end of this long strike nightmare, what happens from here is the contract over the board of drek directors and now they are voted o this means that one union officially take the contract that ended the bart strike forever, there is still one more union needed to vote and we'll find that out tomorrow morning, erroring live, kpix five, reporting live. why our chicken can be ship to china turning to the food that we eat.
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the chaos, wait until you hear the 911 call that we just got, we'll be back in 80 seconds.
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would you eat chicken made in china in thanks to a federal deal that's raised in america. only on kpix 5, it can whine up on your dinner plate without you knowing. >> at home with the lee's family, what's for dinner? chicken nuggets? >> i like it. >> but does mom like the idea that as soon as
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next summer that nuggets can be made processed checken in china. chicken in china. >> it makes me nervous. >> people have the right to be really suspicious of it. >> the fda recently tied death of 600 dogs and cats from treats of china. >> the u.s. sda has cleared the way for chinese poultry process sor so ship meats to china. >> and it has to come back fully cooked. >> if it is cooked it should be perfectly safe. >> despite of cheap labor in china, how does it make economic sense to send
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raw poultry 6000 miles all the way and back just to have it cook. there is much a bigger deal being have. >> we think the usda cut corners in this instance due to trade concerns. >> in return the move creates goodwill, the hope that the open a lot more doors for american grown food to be sold in china. >> if china likes what we are doing, they'll buy more product and china has a lot more people. >> as for chicken processed in china, the amount small if any. even nuggets and you will not know it. china won't be on the label thanks to a hoop hole in the law. >> is this going to be good for american consumers? >> i like to be shown that it is going to be
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good for american consumers. >> last year china sent 4 billion food to the u.s. including the orange juice that we drink and 85% of tilapia that we eat. linda, kpix 5. >> as for american poultry farmers tell kpix 5 they have no plans to send raw poultry to china. tonight we are getting a look into the chaos and confusion after workers abandoned an elderly patient at a care facility. here is a look at one staff that stayed behind to help out. >> is he breathing? >> yes . >> so we don't know what's wrong but he's not looking well. >> what's wrong again, he's either pail and -- >> the valley
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spring shuts down last week and patients still inside and with no staff taking care of them except a janitor and a cook, those workers called 911 for help as they tried to care for patients left behind. we are just a few days away from the opening of the casino in the north bay along with the taste of vegas, great casino and resort is expected to bring a lot of tr, the complex opens on tuesday, there are more than 3000 slots and poker machines and 5700 parking spaces. chp says the first few days can be gridlocks and more people are expected on the road of that area. >> keep yourself some extra time
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just to be mentally prepare for that. >> we are not. >> if we wake up wednesday morning and traffic is moving, we'll be very happy. >> the casino plans to set up charter bus for traffic. how fast are these guys going? they were in a mercedes loaded with extra fuel o of the average of 98 miles per hour and sometimes gunned up to the top speed. the drive last month beats the previous record which was just over 31 hours. >> wow. >> it is like unbelievable. an exciting day for skiers. >> as we see 16 inches of natural snow in the past week, snow making machines did the rest, hundreds of people packed the slopes today.
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>> it is basically magic out here, we are. >> they'll be open again tomorrow from 10:00 until 2:00. it is perfect for skiing already, gosh, it seems just like time for it. >> foot and a half of snow. we can use a lot more of the snow pack. i have the number for you, 41 days as of midnight tonight without a drop of rainfall in san francisco. a live look at the radar showing you nothing for the next several days, we'll see a change coming up towards the end of the seven-day forecast, hang on, we'll have that for you. if you are heading towards the sierra and maybe doing some skiing. look at the change in the sierra on sunday, breezy and cooler and high of only 42 degrees, we'll be windy around here, and you will notice of the increase of the winds tomorrow. there is a wind advisory
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in effect of the high elevation and wind gusts of 50 miles per hour and we'll all be breezy tomorrow. we won't get a drought from it and all the rain will stay off to the north. this one is going to impact us in the form of clouds on sunday and you will have less sunshine coming up on monday. tomorrow is the calmer weekend day and sunday will be a little stormy and although no rainfall. low pressure area after that and finally will give us a chance of rainfall until the end of next week. something to talk about because it has been 6 weeks since we have seen a drop out here. how much cooler and cloudier and breezy throughout the day on sunday. rain chances are coming but not until next week. cooler than today and well in the early november comfort zone.
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san jose you hit 70s and palo alto 68. live moore 73 and cooler in the city for about 10 degrees. berkeley 65 for the cow's game tomorrow. and 73 degrees, look at sunday, mid-60s as we fall back and gaining the one hour of sleep but it will be cooler outside. we have got two rain chances both thursday and friday. chance of showers that we can use it finally, it is about time mid november. >> right on track. >> mother nature is following the calendar this year. >> very good, thanks paul. what's the problem now, the new complaint of yoga pants.
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i was hoping that i will never have to do this story again, you may remember the big to do of a few months ago over the see-through yoga pants. customers are still complaining. they say the pants are still tor and
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still after a few months of wear they lost millions and so far have not commented o briefing complaints. >> i usually have a snappy response of this but -- i got nothing. >> you are not complaining. >> but, i do have games, i have got a lot of games. to the high school football gridiron tonight and boy, these are tough guys, well, can they just shake hands?
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friday night highlights for high school football,. we got more game than that, patrol is trying to rebuild and no answers for the ground i am pound for the bells. 34-7. south bay, hill high school and prospect panthers doing in the
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air and daniel new son, well the falcons squad, prevailed. here in the city. running back ron sel fox broke the ankle of defense and tho yards and leading him to an elbow injury. they rolled of 41-22. west div champion a -- a -- 21 still and option also picks u piper brand anderson here. beautiful day in the city of the champion tour golf. followed up yesterday of round 165 with
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another today of 2 strokes cleared the field peter is in second place. guess what? three years ago today the giants beat the rangers to win the 2010 world series. now, friday night's top five. today without and shaves it alld raise $23, 000 for charity. and lebron james, hes to the brooklyn. here is how you get a penalty. number 2, pinball on ice, victor off the lighting and off the board and off the goalie and into the net. tampa bay wins 3 to nothing over carolina. number 1, capital in the pliers and in orange. 7 to
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nothing. even the goalies got into it here. 164 penalty per minute. folks e to call that a huge time out. >> no kidding. >> it is no wonder they never have enough players to finish that game. >> well, a lot of beer that night, we'll be right back.
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welcome to the only 49 hour weekend that you will get the entire year, we are falling back tomorrow night and sunshine and cool for sunday, we have a rain chance at the end of next week. awesome, we can use it.
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>> great, try to enjoy the extra hour of sleep, maybe. lederman is next. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, everybody's favorite candy! david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "latsh


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